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Supersun Industrial Ltd., founded in 1999, is an independently owned and operated supplier of a full line of bearings, mechanical power transmission, and motion control products. We provide a full range of products to virtually every industry including the Agricultural, Automotive, Chemical, Construction, Fabrication, Food & Beverage, Forestry, Manufacturing, Mining, Pharmaceutical, Plastics, Processing, Utilities, Oil, and much more. We mainly service North & South America, Europe, New Zealand, & Australia markets.


We are committed to service and customer satisfaction. With the combination of our inside and outside sales team, we can help identify your problem, search for the product you need, and work together to find solutions. Our expert sales team is trained and has experience that will provide timely service, competitive prices, and knowledge of the product to meet your needs and increase your productivity. Supersun has the product you need and the service you are looking for.

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+86 451 82637565
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